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ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal

ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2020

Deal Coming Soon

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  • End Date: To be announced
  • Discount: To be announced

Are you interested in hosting webinars on ClickMeeting, but can’t without a great deal? You have landed at the right place as I am about to tell you all about ClickMeeting Black Friday Sales 2020

In this post, I will walk you through every detail you need to know about the special 30% discount on all the plans available on ClickMeeting sale. 

But before that, let me take you through a quick review of the product, and let’s find out if hosting a webinar or meeting on ClickMeeting is what you would want to do. 

And let’s be real, without the complete knowledge of a product and its features, you do not want to invest your money. 

ClickMeeting Review

ClickMeeting Features

ClickMeeting has been a preferred web-based audio and video conferencing platform over the past few years. It has multiple exciting features that help you grow your business or leaning community and achieve your targets. 

Besides live webinars, the platform is also used for various purposes like Online Learning, Marketing, Sales, Training, Business Meetings, Orientations, etc. 

The pre-webinar engagement will enable you to engage your audience even before starting the webinar in a virtual waiting room. Post webinar interaction includes sending then a thank you note and follow up webinar invitations. 

The platform gives you the flexibility to share your presentations or screen with the audience. The whiteboard feature allows you to write, draw, and explain your point effectively. 

Another mode of interaction with the audience during the webinar is over Polls and Surveys, and you can display the real-time data to the audience. 

Before the webinar, you can easily share the schedule on Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. You can even broadcast it live on various platforms. The newest addition to the forum is Automated Webinars, where you can record and play the webinar to a live audience, including the polls and surveys. 

Besides this, the platform does give you the flexibility to record on-demand webinars, where the audience can watch the video later without your follow-up. 

The webinars can accommodate up to 1000 participants depending on the plan you choose. 

ClickMeeting Solution

The platform tends to solve a lot of problems online, which, at times, seems challenging offline. 

The easy to access video-conferencing webinar enables teachers and students to connect online irrespective of their locations. Teachers can host interactive classroom sessions using presentations, whiteboards, and Q/A. 

A sales pitch can be made to a small or large group at everyone’s convenience, through online meetings or webinars, without investing much time, money, or effort. Market your product to the global audience by sharing exciting presentations online, using the different marketing tools, and inviting them to future webinars depending on the user’s interest. 

With a few clicks now, you will train your employees and onboard them across different locations. You can share the knowledge base online and excuse yourself from the time, money, and energy spent traveling and accommodation to foreign locations. 

ClickMeeting offers you the opportunity to create and customize the best plan for your Business Enterprise. It gives you the option to list your requirements by contacting them, and they will work it out for you. 

ClickMeeting Support Channels

The website contains a massive library of self-help videos and FAQs that guide you to solve the query by yourself. Besides this, the platform also allows you to chat with an agent, available all seven days a week, or email your question to their mentioned email Id. 

ClickMeeting Pricing

ClickMeeting offers you a trial version for the first 30 days, which is excellent to start with. The pricing of your subscription changes with the plan. 

There are three plans- Live, Automated, and Enterprise. Monthly subscription for Live with 25 attendees is $25, for automated is 40$, and for enterprise, you can contact the team and finalize the amount.

When it comes to the annual subscription, you get a flat 20% discount on all the plans—however, the pricing changes with the increase in the number of attendees you wish in your webinar. 

The number of attendees can be anywhere between 20 and 1000. For 1000 participants, the monthly subscription for live webinar is $309, and for automated is $359. 

ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2020

For a video conferencing software like ClickMeeting, a 30% off on annual subscription and a 15% off on monthly subscriptions is a steal deal!

But, there is not much difference between the Live and Automated plans. The platform has made all the essential and necessary features available for all the customers so that no one can face any inconvenience, no matter how big or small a plan they have subscribed to. 

The sale goes live for a limited period, so make sure you have your choice ready. Grab your subscription and save a lot of dollars on your purchase. 

The dates of the sale, I believe, will be announced a few days before 27th November, the Black Friday in 2020. 

PlanRegular PriceClickMeeting Black Friday Price
LiveStarting $30/month$25.5/month
AutomatedStarting $45/month$31.5/month

How to Activate ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal?

Well, you do not have any specific method to avail of the discount. There is no such discount code or coupons available. 

All you have to do is choose your desired plan and proceed to ‘Buy Now.’ The discount will be added to the final amount automatically. 

ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal FAQs

Are there any hidden charges for using ClickMeeting?

CickMeeting does not charge you for all the necessary features. The add-ons, however, are chargeable. If you are using paid webinars, PayPal may apply charges as per the policy.

What is the ClickMeeting refund policy?

The 30 days trial that ClickMeeting offers without any charge, there is no refund applicable. For paid subscriptions, there is no provision of refunds. 

How can several people in my organization use the same account?

There are two ways you can use the account- Multiuser account and Subaccount. You can access your co-workers in a multiuser account, and they can log in as an admin with their credentials. However, in subaccounts, the co-workers get individual spaces and recording time, but their details remain hidden. 

Is it possible to increase the number of attendees?

If you reach the limit of the attendee list, the account will ask for an upgrade. Once you pay the balance and upgrade the account, the attendees waiting in the waiting room will be allowed to the webinar.

Is ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal Worth?

The deal is a winner, and let us tell you why! When you think of hosting a webinar, there are multiple steps you need to take care of. ClickMeeting allows all that on one platform. 

#1 Extremely User friendly and light

You can create an event/meeting/webinar in just three simple steps. The audience does not need to download any app to join the webinar. 

#2 Branding of your organization

By inserting the logo of your organization, you can brand the webinar. You can follow up with attendees both before and after the webinar to maintain a conversational relation for the future. 

#3 Interactive Webinar Session 

The audience gets to watch presentations, videos, answer polls and surveys, and take over the screen and explore it—easy sharing of these live webinars on Facebook and YouTube. 

#4 File Storage and Recording

Depending on the plan, the software records the webinars in HD quality and stores in the cloud. You can store files and presentations in the software, and access easily during the live webinars sessions. 

#5 Multiple presenters and Parallel events

This audio-video conferencing software allows up to 3 presenters to work simultaneously on the platform. There is a provision to run parallel events on the webinar by paying to add-ons. 

This helps in accommodating more than one webinars/meetings without disturbing the other scheduled. 

Final Thoughts about ClickMeeting Black Friday Deals 2020

It is one opportunity you must take. It will be an add-on for your business/learning, by seamlessly interacting and communicating with your audience. 

If you choose to take the annual subscription, you get a 30% flat discount, and you get to explore the different advanced features by saving on a lot of dollars. It is a one-stop platform to manage all your communication over the web across the globe. 

Easy to access, Loads of interactive opportunities, HD quality recordings, and an extensive knowledge library gives you the overall experience of an advanced level platform. 

Hence, you should grab this fantastic Black Friday Deal as it lasts for a limited period only.