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EasyDigitalDownloads Black Friday Deal

Easy Digital Downloads Back Friday Deal

20% Discount on all license purchases

  • Start Date: Friday Nov. 27th, 2020 at 12:00 AM 
  • End Date: Friday Dec. 4th, 2020 at 11:59 PM CST
  • Discount: 20%
  • Coupon: SALE2020

Recent trends show that the world has developed an affinity towards outlets that sell physical products using digital media. But what about digital products? How do you effectively sell those?

It should’ve been nearly impossible to answer that question a couple of years back. Nevertheless, with Easy Digital Downloads, you need not worry about selling your digital products anymore. 

In fact, it is one of the smartest platforms out there that can help you create meaningful ways to sell off your digital services and goods. On top of that, Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal 2020 is ready to bombard you with mesmerizing offers.

That’s why we’ve dedicated this article to brief about the platform’s Black Friday 2020 offers. Although, we’d prefer to share its usability, features, and available plans before we move on to that part. This is simply to ensure that you’re aware of the platform and buy it only after understanding its full potential.

Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal 2020 Review

Pippin Williamson brought forward Easy Digital Downloads. And it has been praised among its community ever since it was announced for public usage. As of now, it’s been downloaded by over 2.4 million users and has an average rating of 4.7/5.

Easy Digital Downloads is typically a WordPress plugin focused entirely on enabling users to sell off all their digital products and services. Unlike most of its competitors, Easy Digital Downloads comes integrated with specific tools to make the whole process seamless. Here are some of its features that appeal to us the most: –

Easy Digital Downloads Enhances Your Chances At Selling

Easy Digital Downloads Back Friday Deal

Easy Digital Downloads allow users to create their custom cart with relevant features. As a user, you can create a cart with a design that resonates with your entire website. It comes with the same base UI design for all its users. However, the platform is entirely compatible with all WordPress themes and integrates with any of them quickly. Moreover, Easy Digital Downloads is developed primarily on and for WordPress that makes its extensive in terms of accessibility. On top of that, it is licensed under GPLv3 and is an open-source platform dedicated to developers around the world.

The overall algorithm of this opulent software makes it one of a kind. Most importantly, it is user-friendly at its best! The platform allows your potential buyers to buy a product directly from the menu. It also allows them to add any number of products to the cart and checkout simultaneously. On top of that, your customers do not lose out on all the products they’ve saved in their respective carts even when they’re not logged in.

The best part about the platform is that it allows your customers to log in as a registered user through multiple integrations or even as guests.

Easy Digital Downloads Makes Customer Management Look Like Child’s Play

That eight! With Easy Digital Downloads, you get to maintain the customer transaction history discretely. This means that you can fetch the details of any transaction within your website at will. You can even measure any customer’s lifetime value and grant personalized discount coupons to them. This further enhances their choice to shop from your platform.

Furthermore, you can get extensive access to your product and sales information in JSON or XML format. This helps you to stay informed about your inventory. Plus, it offers you insights into the popularity of certain products. This, in turn, enables you to replenish your stock in time.

You can even track your website visitors and customers using specific integrations with this very platform. We’re talking about using the insight for affiliate marketing, retargeting, and remarketing programs.

Furthermore, you can quickly transfer your store data to CSV file, and monitor downloads, sales, and API requests efficiently!

What is Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday 2020 Deal?

Easy Digital Downloads Back Friday Deal

At the moment, Easy Digital Downloads has four different plans to offer all of its customers. Each plan is designed to cater to a specific class of customers. Therefore, the services provided in each plan are different from the others. Moreover, the pricing scheme for each plan is unique, as well. Here are some details about the plans they have: –

Personal Pass: This plan is meant for the beginners who are just starting their ecommerce businesses on casual terms. You can fetch this pass for merely $99 a year, which is less than even $10 a month.

This plan comes with all the necessary integrations and functionalities of Easy Digital Downloads. Plus, it has some extended features as well. We’re referring to the payment gateway integrations. This platform allows the users to accept payments using either PayPal or Amazon Payments as per their convenience. You can check the details here.

Extended Pass: This plan is available for a price of $199. This amount is charged upfront for an entire year. That being said, the amount is equivalent to paying $16.58 a month.

This plan comes with all the features available in the Personal Pass. Moreover, it also offers a couple of additional perks. We’re referring to a feature that allows you to sell off subscriptions for your products and services. It also includes an integrated payment gateway.

Professional Pass: This plan justifies its name by providing all the features you get in Personal and Extended Passes. On top of that, it includes unlimited update options throughout your subscription period.

It comes with premium extensions like Zapier, Strip, Mail Chimp, etc. for your convenience. It also allows you to push digital updates through flexible API distribution. You can fetch this pass for $299 a year.

All Access Pass: This plan is available for $499 annually. It is meant for people with established freelancing or agency businesses. It allows the users to access all features and extensions of the platform to create custom ecommerce eco-systems for their respective clients. Plus, it provides platform activation across unlimited websites, thus enhancing your chance at a profitable business!

Why Do We Think Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday 2020 Deal To Be Profitable?

The Easy Digital Deal is already relied upon by many users all across the globe. This is because of their excellent extensive platform and added customer support. Moreover, Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal 2020 promises up to 15% of all their plans. Therefore, we do not see a plausible reason not to fetch this offer!

Personal Pass$99.00/year$84.15/year
Extended Pass$199.00/year$169.15/year
Professional Pass$299.00/year$254.15/year
All Access Pass$499.00/year$424.15/year

How To Activate Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal 2020?

There are a lot of things in this world that may pose a severe challenge. Not this one, though. Activating Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Sale 2020 offer is easier done than said. Yes, that wasn’t a type. You read it correctly!

All you need to do is click here, and you’ll be redirected to the page where you can select your required extensions. Once you do that, you’re free to add your details and pay for anyone of their plans!

EasyDigitalDownloads Black Friday Deal

Easy Digital Downloads Back Friday Deal

20% Discount on all license purchases

  • Start Date: Friday Nov. 27th, 2020 at 12:00 AM 
  • End Date: Friday Dec. 4th, 2020 at 11:59 PM CST
  • Discount: 20%
  • Coupon: SALE2020

Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal 2020 FAQs

Can I Get Individual Extensions?

Yes, you can! All you need to do is visit their extensions catalog page and select the preferred extension that suits you.

What If I Do Not Want To Purchase Any Extension?

That is an option. You can initiate by merely purchasing any one of their plans without even opting for a single extension. That being said, extensions allow you to customize your ecommerce store to your preference further.

Do I Need To Pay For Any Additional Support I Seek?

No! Easy Digital Downloads provides support to all of its customers without charging a single penny apart from the plan charges.

Where Do I Use The License Keys?

Easy Digital Downloads provide license keys along with any purchase you make from their platform. These keys allow you to connect your website to theirs. Therefore, you get all updates directly on your website.

What Happens To The Extensions When I Cancel My Subscription?

You can continue to use all extensions installed on your website even after you cancel your subscription. However, this revokes your rights to seek any support or updates from Easy Digital Downloads!

Is Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal 2020 Worth Buying?

Do you even need to ask that? Well, of course, we believe Black Friday Sale 2020 For Easy Digital Downloads has a lot of worth. It grants you a flat 20% off on all their plans. What else can you possibly need?

Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal 2020 Conclusion

Well, running an online business is a tough job. What’s more stressing is the absence of a platform that dedicates its services to promoting and selling digital products and services. Fortunately, Easy Digital Downloads sees to all of these problems and solves them quickly.

Moreover, the 2020 Black Friday Deal For Easy Digital Downloads guarantees an additional 15% discount on all of their passes. In short, we believe there can not be a better time to get your digital business started!