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Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal

Elegant Themes/Divi Black Friday Deal 2020

Deal Coming Soon

  • Start Date: To be announced
  • End Date: To be announced
  • Discount: To be announced

Thinking of building your page or website and do not know where to start? Elegant Themes offers the best platform to do so and they are offering crazy deals this year. 

This year’s Black Friday sale Elegant Themes is unlike ever before.

This fantastic 25% discount and a massive number of free goodies available on this Black Friday Sale is a go-to deal. Let us discuss the different plans and offers available on Elegant Themes. 

But before you decide to buy, let me take you through a quick review of the product.

Let’s find out if Elegant Themes is genuinely a design platform that you need. 

Proper knowledge about the product is essential before you spend your money.  

Elegant Themes Review

As the name suggests, Elegant Themes is a platform that provides designs, themes, and plugins for WordPress. 

When you wish you want someone to visit your website or page, you want them to link the entire package. The contents, design, and layout together capture a reader’s attention and interest them in reading. 

Elegant Themes Features

Elegant Themes has various features for all its users to choose from. 

The most popular WordPress Themes across the globe, Divi Page builder, has tons of unique features. The feature allows you to build a page or website by simply dragging and dropping the elements. 

You will be able to instantly see and make the edits and save your changes directly on the website or page. It also gives you an option to choose from its 800+ website themes and designs—a truly versatile feature that does not change your design with devices and screens. 

Extra Magazine Theme gives you the best features for bloggers and online publications to add to your page content. You can write a story-driven post by using the drag and drop feature. Don’t worry, and the Extra Theme feature is also supported on all devices and screens. 

In case you want to expand your business, a lot of users recommend the Bloom theme. The Opt-in email plugins are much more useful than social media marketing. 

It generated pop-ups depending on your user’s interest and location, and hence generates leads for your business.  

Additionally, it also contains effortlessly customizable over 100 templates. 

Monarch is the go-to theme for social media network plugins. Give your website or page that extra push by easy sharing of your content. 

You can customize it by adding location preference, time duration after the readers get a pop-up, the percentage of content covered by the reader, etc.

You also get to choose the shapes and sizes of pop-ups and displays.

Elegant Themes Contact

The company provides one of the best customer support in the world for the past years.  

The live-chat customer service is available 24×7. You can also email them for assistance.

It also consists of a massive library of picture modules and video tutorials, which give you easy access to processes and usability.  

Nothing can be better than good documentation of every step to follow for a beginner, and Elegant Themes take care of that. 

You can also join their Facebook group, community, and put forward your queries. And you will get responses and experiences from real users who have been using the platform. 

Elegant Themes Pricing

To start with, the Elegant Themes offers a 30- day trial and money-back guarantee option. And to begin with, it is an excellent deal for those in doubt about the product. 

There are two plans offered, Yearly plan, which is $89, and Lifetime plan, which is $249 on regular days. 

Both the plans give you all the themes and plugins available on Elegant Themes. However, the Lifetime plan provides you with all the present and regularly updated future features, with its one-time fee of $249. 

What is Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal 2020?

During Black Friday Sale customers gets the best of discounts and offers. Hence Elegant Themes is also giving its new users a flat 25% discount and its existing users a massive 50% discount. Isn’t it unbelievable?

These huge discounts and offers make the Elegant Themes Black Friday Sale totally worth.

In Black Friday Deals, the price drops to $70 yearly and $199 for lifetime plans for all new users. 

This offer is for a limited period only and can be availed only next year. So why the dilemma? 

PlanRegular PriceElegant Themes Black Friday Price
Lifetime$249/one time 186.75/one time

You clearly save a lot during the Black Friday Sale. 

How to Activate Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal?

There is no such coupon code to get the deal. All you have to do it go to the pricing tab, select the preferred plan, and then click on ‘Sign up Today.’ The tab will already have the discounted price mentioned. 

You will only need to add your necessary information, a favored payment mode, and complete the registration process. 

Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal FAQs

Do you have a refund option at Elegant Themes?

Yes, they do have a refund policy—a 30 days trial period. If you are not happy with the product during this trial period, you can send them an email, and you will get your refund right away. 

Is it possible to upgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can surely change or upgrade your theme. When you visit your profile, you will see the current subscription and how to upgrade to another. 

How many websites or pages can I access?

The Elegant Themes give you unlimited access to websites and pages. You can freely use the themes on any number of websites and pages. 

Once I cancel my subscription, what happens?

Even if you cancel the subscription, your membership remains active for the rest of the year. Post which, you will not be able to access your account, the themes, plugins, and may lose on future updates. 

Which is the best subscription plan for me?

If you are a beginner and would like to explore the product, then the yearly plan is best for you. And if you already own a website and are well versed in working on building different websites and pages, I suggest you go for the Lifetime Plan. 

Is the Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal Worth?

This deal wins, and let’s take a quick look at how! 

#1 The Divi Theme

The most prevalent theme in the WordPress world is the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. 

It has been known to be the pathfinder of all theme based products. It is a super versatile and easy to use tool that gives hundreds of pre-built features, websites, and themes.

#2 Email Integration and Social Media Share Plugins

The Bloom theme allows you to integrate with 19 email marketing tools. You can test A/B options of opt-ins and use the more popular one. Easily accessible user data from the opt-in can be imported and exported from the website. 

On the other hand, the Monarch Theme gives you over 35 social media platforms to integrate and manage the display. 

So no better than a flexible social media integration platform than Elegant Themes. 

#3 Excellent Customer Support

Elegant Themes has been popularly known for its 24/7 support and various other support channels. 

You can join the different communities and get suggestions from the already present user and share your experience. Besides this, the platform has an extensive knowledge library to support your queries. 

#4 Themes and Updates

More than 800 in-built websites, over 100 in-built SEO supportive themes, super light and friendly, and the Dive page builder, make Elegant Themes one of the most famous names in the market. 

There are timely updates of the themes to make sure they are usable on WordPress software. 

Final Thoughts About Elegant Themes Black Friday Deals 2020

With already a great price range and various themes and plugins, Elegant Themes has already made its place in the ecosystems. 

On top of that, the Black Friday Sale offers a massive 25% discount for new users and a 50% discount to existing users. 

These deals are beyond comparison with any other in the market. I am sure you will not be disappointed, and so does the company guarantee as well. So go ahead, get your subscription on this Black Friday Sale at an unimaginably lower price.