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GreenGeeks Black Friday Deal – Pro Plan

75% Discount

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Nightly Backup
  • Free CDN
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • WordPress Installer/Updates
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 2x Performance
  • LSCache Included
  • 300% Green Energy Match
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Note: We recommend PRO PLAN to host unlimited sites.

Are you finding a discount code for GreenGeeks hosting?

Then, I’ve got some fantastic news for you.

Today, I will share with you an offer that will help you save a massive amount on any GreenGeeks hosting plan.

That means you can save on one of the cheapest hosting plans with this offer, which is a no-brainer if you are looking for a decent option, which I am sure you are. That’s why you are reading this post in the first place!

All the websites require hosting because, without it, a website cannot exist.

But to make the website user-friendly and elegantly responsive, you need to choose a hosting provider that is not only robust enough but featureful.

And that’s when GreenGeeks comes in picture.

They have resources and reliable infrastructure that ensure that you can have high-quality websites to serve your customers across the web without any glitches.

I know that finding the right hosting provider can be a challenge. 

And if you are beginning your online journey, then finding an OK hosting becomes even more challenging.

Therefore, let me give you a brief overview of this GreenGeeks Black Friday deal 2020 before diving deep into its features and advantages.

Brief about GreenGeeks Black Friday Deal 2020

With my GreenGeeks Black Friday Deal 2020, you will save up to 70% on the actual cost.

At such an affordable price, you are getting a value-for-money offer.

GreenGeeks is a California-based company with a global presence. 

They claim to be the ‘World’s #1 Green Energy Web Hosting Provider.’

They have 40,000+ customers across the web and managing 500,000 websites online.

GreenGeeks has provided hosting solutions for more than a decade. 

The management team that looks after the organization has 40 years of experience providing high-quality and affordable website hosting.

Its features, which we are going to discuss below in detail, are user-friendly and very profitable. 

You are getting all those features at a discounted price.

This single investment will save a ton of money for you. 

You can utilize your funds in other activities of your business to scale it efficiently.

What is so special about GreenGeeks Black Friday Deal 2020

In a simple line, you are getting value-for-money at this price point.

What are those benefits that make it value-for-money, you ask?

Well, let’s dive a little deeper to know what features make me say that this deal is a no-brainer.

SSD Hard Storage

The hard disk is the server’s storage space where everything about the website is stored and retrieved whenever someone asks to access a web page.

So, whenever you enter a URL, the content you see on the page is stored on the hosting provider’s hard disc. 

All that content — video, imagery, and textual — has to be compiled and loaded at the client-side. 

So, the hosting provider needs to have an excellent hard disk that loads pages quickly.

When it comes to hard disks, SSDs are the fastest.

With GreenGeeks, you get SSD storage to have lightning-fast speed and supreme performance.

Interestingly, GreenGeeks have SSD ‘arrays’.

The SSDs arrays are slightly differently built compared to regular SSD hard disks of a local computer system.

These storage arrays are independent SSDs located at different places and interconnected and enable enhanced performance for websites.

Support of Relevant Technologies

GreenGeeks supports all the major website development technologies that you can ask for.

They give ultra-optimized LiteSpeed web servers with MariaDB database servers and HTTP/2 for fast loading at users’ end. 

They have developed in-house LSCache technology for smarter and faster caching of your landing pages.

Unlimited Everything

There are hundreds of features that you can avail of at their basic plan, which we will discuss in detail below.

The point I am trying to make here is GreenGeeks’ ability to provide essential features on an unlimited scale.

You get unlimited storage space, which is an SSD. 

Whether you have an established website or just a simple one with a few pages, you can store any data thanks to GreenGeeks’ unlimited storage.

Unlimited data transfer is possible with GreenGeeks hosting. 

That means if there is a sudden flood of traffic coming to your site, the server will cope itself.

You will get a free SSL certificate so that you can provide a secure connection to your website visitors.

They take a backup of your site every day, so even if something goes wrong overnight, you don’t have to worry about restoring your information because you will get the latest backup with a single click.

You get their free CDN, so you don’t have to purchase dedicated CDN services, i.e., more cost-saving with better performance. 

You get unlimited email accounts. So, if you have several people in your team, you can create any number of email addresses.

Free CDN

Suppose your server is in the US and someone from Bhutan requests your landing page, the loading will take time due to the distance between the server’s and user’s location. 

In this situation, a content delivery network is required to make your website easily accessible to remote locations.

Your website is pre-compiled and cached by CDN servers. So, the server doesn’t have to perform that process every time a user comes. 

This will provide maximum availability and lightning-fast loading speed.

This will also save you a ton of money because you no longer have to go for any other third-party CDN service provider.

As a matter of fact, a free CDN is included with all the plans, so even if you purchase the cheapest one, you get access to the CDN by default.

Complete security

Security is crucial in this era of the internet. 

You have to ensure that you are providing a secured communication channel through your website so that users can trust you and eventually do business with you.

Any slight glitches may jeopardize your entire functioning and destroy your company’s reputation in the market.

GreenGeeks understands this, and therefore, they provide real-time and kernel-level scanning and track all the files. 

Their system identifies any changes and malware signatures that arise in your server location and isolate those affected files before the virus starts spreading.

They also provide you with a secured virtual host file server. 

All the accounts on GreenGeeks get independent computer resources. 

That means you can have maximum privacy and a seamless experience for your website. 

Even if another website gets a flood of traffic, your website’s functioning will never be affected.

Versatile hosting provider

On GreenGeeks, you can host any site — eCommerce, blog, agency, portfolio, SaaS, etc.

They support every type of website to no longer have to switch to any other hosting provider if your requirement increases or changes.

Why should you buy GreenGeeks Black Friday Deal 2020

Peace of mind

Peace of mind is crucial when your website is an essential entity for your business. 

If you don’t have a robust hosting, you will keep yourself busy ensuring reliable user experience and always waste your time talking with support and making your site better.

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to utilize your funds and time to the best of its abilities and certainly not indulge yourself in the CLI of servers and digging the cPanel.

Plus, you cannot afford compromising security on your site.

All these things are elegantly covered with GreenGeeks. 

You get absolute peace of mind and no longer have to keep monitoring your website performance thanks to GreenGeeks’ substantial resources.

Minimal downtime

GreenGeeks is known to provide minimal downtime to the customers. 

Even if the server goes in maintenance, your website will still be able to serve visitors.

GreenGeeks has a robust process of server maintenance. They know the importance of websites and understand that a business cannot function if a website doesn’t work. 

Therefore, they give minimum downtime with their hosting. 

Quality support

Customer support is top-notch with GreenGeeks.

Whenever you get stuck or feel that you don’t understand how this hosting works, you can get professional assistance from GreenGeeks. 

They have 24x7x365 support by chat, ticket, or phone.

Such availability proves how serious GreenGeeks is for their customers.

Lightning-fast speed

With GreenGeeks, you will receive all the required technical capabilities to ensure high-quality performance and high-speed browsing for users on your site. 

This is a great thing to have. Your users will not only enjoy visiting your site but keep coming back to consume content that you previously provided. 

GreenGeeks Black Friday FAQs

What type of hosting GreenGeeks provide?

They provide four types of hosting.

  • WordPress
  • Web hosting
  • VPS 
  • Reseller

What is the pricing of the GreenGeeks?

There are three different plans; one for each WordPress, VPS, and Reseller.

  • What makes it different from other hosting providers?

GreenGeeks will match 300% of the energy usage of our entire operation in the form of RECs. 

GreenGeeks has been recognized by the United States EPA since 2009 and works with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

  • Can I scale my resources if required?

Yes, you can do so.

  • Do they have any money-back guarantee? 

Yes, they have a 30-days money-back guarantee. That means, if you don’t like their product, you will get your money back within the first 30 days of the first purchase.

GreenGeeks Black Friday Deal

GreenGeeks Hosting – 75% Discount

GreenGeeks is one of the most recommended hosting for new bloggers.
now $3.74/m
Save $116.61/year

GreenGeeks Black Friday Conclusion

Let me know what you think about this Greengeeks Black Friday Offer 2020.

Remember that this offer is not going to last for a long time. So, please make the most out of it by availing it before it expires.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.