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Do you want to save money on Instapage plans?

Then, I have got great news for all of you.

I have the Instapage Black Friday Deal 2020 that will help you save huge money on the pricing of Instapage.

In this internet-driven world, having an online presence is essential whether you are a brand, agency, or solopreneur.

Building a brand online starts with creating a website. 

A website will ensure that you have something professionally designed and aligned with your brand’s communication style.

So, whenever someone lands on your site, they can know more about your business. 

Social media platforms have community guidelines and limitations when it comes to getting personalized, like you cannot design your Facebook page the way you want it. 

When you have a website, you are the owner of the property.  

You can get as much personalized as you can and design any way you want.

But not everyone is capable of coding on HTML and JavaScript.

Therefore, platforms like Instapage are great solutions for non-techy people. 

As far as Instapage is concerned, it provides so much more features, which also I am going to cover in this blog.

But before that, let’s have a quick overview.

Instapage Black Friday Deal

Brief About Instapage Black Friday Deal 2020

You can save up to 70% on Instapage plans with this Black Friday Deal.

Tyson Quick founds Instapage.

With this Black Friday deal, you are entering into an ecosystem which is entrusted by leading brands like SoundCloud, ADP, Ebay, HelloFresh and Vimeo.

You can use all of the exciting features at 70% cost cut, which itself is a no-brainer if you require such solutions.

You would be able to create high-converting landing pages for your business. 

Based on your funnel and marketing activities, you can design and add web elements effortlessly on Instapage without writing a single line of code. 

Let’s understand what are its top features that make it one of the best website builder tools on the web.

What is so Special About Instapage Black Friday Deal 2020?

Develop Attractive Landing Pages

4 million web pages on the World Wide Web are built on Instapage.

Instapage’s usability and robustness make it a highly efficient website builder.

Thanks to its drag and drop feature, you don’t have to write a single line of code to create landing pages. It is the only landing page builder that has built-in collaboration. 

That means your team of developers and designers can work simultaneously on your landing pages without interfering with anyone’s workflow. 

You will get all the website materials and elements which are 100% customizable. 

If you are running out of time and require an elegant layout, you can choose from over 500 designs provided by Instapage.

These templates are made of industry-specific requirements and standards. They are attractive and professional. 

Plus, all the pages are quick to load and also responsive on mobile devices.

Effective Testing

The best way to maximize conversion through your website is to test. 

Test as much as you can.

Deploy different versions and types of webpages to what gives you best returns. 

With Instapage, you get all the conversion optimization tools to understand your website visitors through testing better. 

Instapage Black Friday Deal

You get heatmaps to understand the behaviour of the website visitors.

You can have multivariate or A/B testing for your website elements to judge the taste of the visitor better.

You can have unlimited versions for traffic from different channels like emails, paid ads, organic search results, etc.

For each landing page, you will get dedicated metrics and data analysis to evaluate what resonated best with the audience.


Personalization is paramount in this digital world as every visitor comes with different requirements and thought-process.

Therefore, you have to make sure that your page delivers what they were looking for. 

You can create a funnel which leads them to a dynamic landing page for custom user experiences. Based on their channel and interactions, you can enable personalization. 

With Instapage, you can create unlimited versions of landing pages with the same products and services. 

You can attach different events and UTM parameters for better monitoring. 

Most importantly, you don’t have to rely on web developers for every change. You can make different versions on your thanks to the user-friendly platform of Instapage.


Communication among team members is crucial, especially if the project is enormous and tasks are many.

If several developers and designers collectively have to make changes on site, the communication has to be very transparent and extremely quick.

Instapage ensures that communication happens smoothly. In fact, you don’t have to manage email threads for feedback and communication among team members and clients.

Changes can also be assigned to team members. So, everyone will know who is working on what.

You will also get a shareable link to share the design with your team or client for feedback purposes.


You can import your entire ad account structure on Instapage. 

You can effortlessly synchronize your ad account structure to get the data of ads and ad groups along with campaigns.

This will let you leverage paid marketing campaigns to its full potential. 

You can visualize how your campaigns and ad sets are positioned on the ad platform so that you can enable dynamic landing pages for each of them.

You can get better results out of your paid and media buying campaigns with this.

It will also show the metrics of those landing pages associated with specific ads. So, you will know how engaging users have found your page and make necessary changes quickly if required. 

Page Speed

Nobody likes slow landing pages. 

Most of us expect to get the required data immediately as soon as we click something.

Similarly, if your landing pages are loading slowly, it not only impacts your brand reputation but also decreases your conversion rate.

With instapage, you no longer have to worry about the loading speed. 

You get high-speed loading on mobile, tablet and desktop thanks to AMP and Thor Render Engine. 

Why Should You Purchase Instapage Black Friday 2020?

To Get a Multipurpose Platform

At such an affordable price point with this Black Friday deal, you won’t get a versatile platform.

With Instapage, you can take your website management activities to a whole new level.

For all your online activities, Instpage will give you flexibility, scalability and leverage to ensure maximum sales and dynamic customer on-boarding experience.

To Streamline Your Marketing Campaigns

All marketing campaigns and promotion lead to landing pages. 

Whether you are doing SEO, PPC, display ads, or influencer marketing, you need a landing page where you can redirect the customers and prospects for further engagement. 

If your landing page is not tempting and satisfying, the customers won’t take their credit cards out to purchase your stuff.

That’s when the power of Instapage comes into the limelight. 

It has the capacity and reliability to let you track all the marketing campaigns efficiently. 

Plus, you can measure visitors’ engagement and interest with heatmaps and engagement metrics like sessions, CTR, clicks, conversions, etc.

To Ensure Seamless Tasks Management

For active websites, some so many people have to work with each other. There would be authors, developers, designers, admins, clients, testers, etc.

To change something or provide feedback, it should be a transparent communication medium that ensures everyone is on the same page and knows who has to execute specific tasks. 

On Instapage, you can mention relevant team members, who will receive a notification for all the assigned tasks. 

This way, the feedback loop is reduced, and fast execution is possible. 

Because it’s a Real Deal Breaker (if you know how to use it?)

I’m not sure which tool at such a reduced price can provide a ton of features. 

Instapage takes website development to a whole new level. 

You will save the cost of hiring developers and designers as everything is managed under the same dashboard without writing any code.

Excellent Support

Instapage gives high-quality support to help their customers. 

And that means whenever you are stuck at something, you can get in touch with the support desk anytime and have professional people solving your questions.

Instapage Black Friday Deal FAQs

What is so special about Instapage compared to WordPress and Squarespace?

The level of personalization and flexibility are unparalleled to any CMS. 

This tool allows you to create unlimited versions of pages with such an ease with UTM parameters assigned and tracking engagement. 

I don’t know how to code, can I use it?

Definitely. It’s drag and drop page builder is enough to do all the tasks you require without you writing a single line of code.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the product?

After purchasing the product, you can claim the refund from the first 24 hours.

Can I have a demo?

What’s the pricing of Instapage?

Instapage comes with two pricing structures.

One is Business, and another one is Enterprise. 

The Business plan will cost you $149/month, and the Enterprise plan will have a custom pricing depending on your requirements. 

How much can I save with this Instapage Black Friday Deal 2020?


Instapage Black Friday Deal Conclusion

Let me know what you think about Instapage. 

If you have requirements and you are confident that you can leverage the extraordinary features of the tool, then this Instapage Black Friday Deal 2020 is worth grabbing. 

I’d love to know your views on it. Feel free to interact with me in the comments below.