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KWFinder Black Friday Deal

KWFinder Black Friday 2020 Sale

25% Discount

  • Start Date: To be announced
  • End Date: To be announced
  • Discount: To be announced

Do you want to uncover profitable keywords to scale your conversions?

How about I give you a chance to save massive amounts on KWFinder?

Today, I will share the KWFinder Black Friday deal that can help you save tons of money when you buy the tool.

As you are reading this article, I am sure that you are aware of the tool or the importance of keyword research.

KWFinder helps webmasters find long-tail keywords very effortlessly to target a highly engaging audience and convert more customers online through organic search engine results.

KWFinder is developed and managed by a company called Mangools.

They have been providing juicy SEO tools that help webmasters improve SEO.

The first version of the tool was made available to the public in 2014 when the current CEO of KWFinder created the first version of the tool.

Along with KWFinder, they have SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler.

Let’s have a brief overview of this KWFinder Black Friday 2020 Sale.

KWFinder Black Friday 2020 Sale

Brief about KWFinder Black Friday Deal

By purchasing this tool to our keyword finder Black Friday Deal, you are saving up to 25% of the tool’s actual cost.

With this deal, you can quickly use the popular tool, which is featured on HubSpot, Backlinco,, Woorkup, and Indie Hackers.

At this price point, you will do keyword research on the same tool that brands link Airbnb, Alexa, Skyscanner, Adidas, and RetailMeNot use.

Dozens of other webmasters and SEO experts admire the intuitiveness of the tool.

While saving up to 25% on this KWFinder Black Friday 2020 sale, you can access 2.5 billion related keywords. 

With such a massive and robust keyword planner, you are also getting a ton of features, which we will discuss below, making this deal a no-brainer.

What is So Special About This KWFinder Black Friday Deal

As a consumer, this one is a genuine question that we all have. 

We want to ensure what makes an offer great and benefits does it provide.

As far as KWFinder’s Black Friday 2020 deal is concerned, it’s an excellent investment for SEO professionals, be it advanced or beginner.

For all the keyword research requirements, this tool has got you covered.

Let’s discuss its main features that separate this KWFinder Black Friday offer from others.

Find long-tail keywords within seconds

Many tools give you keyword suggestions.

Not all keywords deserve your attention, and not all the keywords are easy enough to rank. 

Therefore, you have to hit a sweet spot where you can optimize your pages for relevant keywords that have low competition and decent search volume.

Long-tail keywords can help you leverage that sweet spot.

At least for newbie SEOs, long-tail keywords make the job more comfortable, and with minimal effort, they can start ranking in SERPs through long-tail keywords.

With KWFinder, you just have to enter your seed keyword, and you will get a list. 

From the list, you can quickly figure out long-tail keywords or keywords that have several phrases.

Deepen Your Keyword Research by Going for Specific Keywords

Usually, when you search for a particular keyword, they will provide you a set of keyboards. 

There might be a list of related keywords of the entered query. 

To find out more specific keywords of that term, you will have to repeat the search process again.

But with KWFinder, you can efficiently deepen your keyword research. 

You can click on the arrow beside that keyword to get more keyword suggestions.

This way, your time and energy to find out more keywords is dramatically reduced as you get access to all of them with few clicks.

You can also streamline your PPC keyword research activities with KWFinder.

You don’t have to go anywhere else to find profitable keywords for your PPC campaigns.

The tool will give you all the relevant metrics that can help you shape your PPC ads.

KWFinder Black Friday Deal

KWFinder Black Friday 2020 Sale

25% Discount

  • Start Date: To be announced
  • End Date: To be announced
  • Discount: To be announced

Quickly Get Keywords with Low Competition

When you do keyword research, keywords with high search volume and low competition are your gold. 

By hitting that bullseye, you are ensuring relevant and interested people visiting your site, and converting them would be more comfortable, as opposed to traffic from broad keywords, which not only has higher competition but lower buying intent.

With KWFinder, you will immediately know the competition a particular keyword has. 

The KWFinder has a metric Keyword Difficulty metric.

Lower the number of Keyword Difficulty, lower the efforts required to rank for the keyboard.

Determine Whether You Can Outrank Your Competition in SERP

As you can filter out your keywords with fewer difficulties, you can also know who you are competing for the position in search engine results pages.

You will get a list of links that are currently ranking for that query in SERP. You get a table with all the relevant metrics of the current ranking pages on SERP.

Moreover, you can also find out keywords that your competitions are already ranking for. 

They are the perfect sources to find highly targeted keywords in your reach.

KWFinder has made this process easy. 

You just have to enter the domain or specific page of your competitors’ site, and the tool will fetch all the details that you need to know about the competitors’ keywords.

If you target a specific geographical location, you can also mention it in the dropdown menu to seamlessly filter your keyword research.

Streamline your local keyword research

You have to remember that a particular keyword might have 1,000 from Singapore and 10,000 visits from California. 

So, when searching for a keyword’s local search potential, you are tapping into your niche website’s tremendous opportunities. 

KWFinder gives you granular control over your keyword research activities.

In the search bar of the KWFinder, you just have to mention your location, and that’s it. 

From that dropdown menu, you can find or search locations by the names of cities, regions, states, and countries.

Along with various metrics like CPC, keyword difficulty, search volume, etc., you can also see the keyboard’s past history. 

This will help you anticipate whether the audience’s interest in the topic will increase or decrease over time. So, that you can leverage that keyword accordingly. 

On the right side of the dashboard, you will see a graph. 

Usually, it will show that particular keyword’s search volume over time. You can click on “Interest” to get the idea of how the overall excitement is.

The graph in Interest comes from Google Trends. 

A Perfect Keyword Planner Alternative

Ever since the Google Keyword Planner got updated in 2016, users stopped receiving the search volumes’ exact number.

Now, they get the search volume’s average that sometimes doesn’t showcase the potential of the keywords clearly.

For this reason, Google Keyword Planner doesn’t help you determine whether you should optimize your pages for that keyword.

KWFinder helps you cope in that scenario, and that power of the tool makes it an ideal alternative of Google Keyword Planner.

When you search for a keyword, you will get the exact search volume of that keyword, which is very precise and genuine.

Import Bulk Keywords Effortlessly

This particular feature allows you to streamline your existing keyword list for more in-depth analysis through KWFinder. 

If you have fewer keywords, then manual research makes sense. But big sites have hundreds of keywords while researching. 

So, entering them manually is a waste of time.

With KWFinder, you can upload your keywords sheet and make your research efficient. And, you can mention your region to get more data from your existing keyword list.

Depending on your plan, you can import up to 700 keywords 1200 times a day.

KWFinder Black Friday Deal FAQs

Does KWFinder have a Trial Period?

Yes, you get a trial period of 10 days with KWFinder. 

You get access to all the features and all the tools of Mangools, and you also don’t have to provide your credit card details.

Can I create white-label reports?

No, you cannot so. You have to export the keywords locally to edit the files as per your requirements. 

How much will I save with KWFinder’s Black Friday 2020 Sale?


What are the prices and plans for KWFinder Black Friday Deal? 

Mangools BasicMangools PremiumMangools Agency
Monthly cost$29.90$39.90$79.90
Yearly savings$229.20$349.20$589.20
Billed upon purchase$358.80$478.80$958.80
Simultaneous logins1310

Note: This pricing is calculated from the annual plan. To find out more, read their detailed pricing structure from this page.

KWFinder’s Black Friday Deal Conclusion

This is it with the KWFinder Black Friday 2020 Sale.

Without a doubt, it is a no-brainer if you want to take your keyword research activities to another level with minimal investment. 

Needless to say, this deal isn’t going to be here for an extended period. So, make the most of it today!

If you have some questions or feedback, feel free to drop them in the comments below.