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Podbean Black Friday Deal

PodBean Black Friday Deal

Deal Coming Soon

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  • Discount: To be announced

Looking for the PodBean Black Friday Deal? You’ve found the right post!

In this post, I will discuss everything there is to know about PodBean’s Black Friday discount – not just how you can get it, but also why you should.

But before I get to the details about the Black Friday deal, let me first give you a brief overview of what the service offers.

With alternatives like Buzzsprout and Simplecast also offering excellent value, it’s essential to know if the discount is even worth pursuing.

Read Review Before You Check PodBean Black Friday Deal.

We are going to talk about the important features before you decide to buy this special deal this Black Friday.

PodBean Features

PodBean’s impressive set of features makes it one of the top media hosting companies in the industry. 

When you sign up, you get access to a free website that you can customize to your liking with the help of a variety of different themes. The free site can help if you haven’t set up a separate website for your brand yet.

But the good thing about the website is that you can integrate your own domain name with it.

You can record, edit, and publish podcast episodes straight from your phone and schedule your episodes to go up whenever you desire. 

Furthermore, you can configure PodBean to post on social media automatically when a new podcast episode goes live. 

PodBean can also create audiograms for YouTube and Facebook, which is impressive.

The mobile app’s neat editing features enable you to add background music and sound effects to your podcast. You can get started podcasting just using your phone!

You get access to a host of community tools that enable you to engage with your audience on a deeper level. You can connect with your listeners via the comments, and even follow other podcast creators and grow your network.

There are several ways of making money with your podcast, with ads being the go-to monetization choice of most podcast creators. You can enroll in the advertising marketplace for free, or dynamically add adverts to your content.

You can also manage your ads to ensure maximum revenue.

Image: PodBean-Monetization-Features.png

However, you can also put up premium content and rest assured that it’s delivered only to the right users. 

PodBean effectively lets you create a subscription for your podcast, and enables you to focus on creating content by handling all the technical, payment, and support aspects for you.

You can also allow your paying listeners to get early access to content, which is an excellent subscribing incentive.

Alternatively, you can set up a patron system. Defining the levels of rewards is easy and can be done in minutes.

PodBean enables you to get your podcast on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast apps in just a few clicks, which will maximize engagement.

But that’s not all.

You can also embed a player on your blog or free PodBean website with ease – if you have a blog audience going, you can convert them to listeners and paying listeners with minimal effort.

Image: PodBean-Embeddable-Player.png

The slew of analytics features will help you find opportunities for improvement and growth with ease. PodBean’s Mailchimp integration enables you to collect and share episodes with subscribers automatically.

Details like downloads and trends, your best-performing content, and listener geography will help you understand what’s working for your podcast and what’s not.

Image: PodBean-Statistics.png

PodBean can also show you what days and times your podcast is most listened to, which can help you tailor your upload schedule to maximize listens.

You can also find how attractive your podcast is by looking at the user retention data.

One of the most unique features of PodBean is the live streaming feature – instead of recording your podcast and uploading it, you can make a live radio show.

Listeners can send instant messages and call you live, which takes engagement to a whole new level.

There’s more!

You can also collaborate with other podcast creators and invite co-hosts on your live show.

Excellent features like these make PodBean the ultimate media hosting service to join if you want to fast-track your podcast’s growth.

PodBean Interface

The web interface is very easy to get used to, and there’s virtually no learning curve to using PodBean. Anyone with an idea for a podcast can go to their website and start creating.

Image: PodBean-Interface.png

The mobile app’s interface is just as easy to navigate, and the settings are nested under the same menus, ensuring that you find the options where you’re used to accessing them.

PodBean Support

The PodBean Start Guide is a quick five-minute read that will get you up and running with your account and podcast.

But aside from that, there are hundreds of other articles on the support page that detail every feature of PodBean. You can find solutions to most of your questions here.

PodBean provides support to its users via a ticket support system, and response times are fast. You can expect to hear back from them with a resolution to your issue in 24 hours.

The video tutorials and webinars speed up your journey from new user to podcasting professional.

PodBean Pricing

PodBean offers three paid plans: Unlimited Audio, Unlimited Plus, and Business.

Image: PodBean-Plans.png

The Unlimited Audio plan comes in at $14/month, but if you pay the annual fee upfront, you can effectively get the plan for $9/month.

As the name explains, you get unlimited audio hosting with the plan. But if you want to host a video podcast with PodBean, and want access to the patron program feature, you will need to get the Unlimited Plus plan.

Its priced at $39/month, but if you pay annually, the cost works out at $29/month. 

Besides getting access to the patron program feature and the video podcasting feature, access to PodAds is also unlocked, enabling you to dynamically insert ads to your podcast.

The $129/month Business plan is discounted to $99/month if you pay the annual fee upfront. In addition to the features that the Unlimited Plus plan supplies, the Business plan unlocks live chat support, multiple admin access, groups, engagement intel, and a lot more.

The best part about hosting with PodBean is that there are no limits to recording time, downloads, or episodes. There are no overage charges, and you must pay a flat fee to get your podcast started.

What is PodBean Black Friday Deal 2020?

Like many other tech companies, PodBean also issues massive discounts on their service on Black Friday. 

The PodBean Black Friday Deal gives you a 50% discount on both the Unlimited plans, which is a steal!

However, the PodBean Black Friday Deal was last announced in 2016, and no Black Friday discount has been announced since.

But there’s a chance the company will announce a deal in 2020!

If the company offers the same discount, here’s how the pricing will look like:

Unlimited Audio$14/month$7/month
Unlimited Plus$39/month$19.50/month
Business$129/month$129/month (no discount)

But there is another offer you can take advantage of right away – you can get a free month of PodBean by clicking here.

How to Activate PodBean Black Friday Deal?

There is no special code or coupon – the price will reduce automatically when you reach the checkout section.

PodBean Black Friday Deal FAQs

Will I get a refund if I don’t like the service?

While the website doesn’t mention anything about a money-back policy, the company’s terms of use state that customers are eligible for a refund for seven days after purchase.

Does PodBean offer an uptime guarantee?

There is no uptime guarantee even if you avail of the PodBean Black Friday Deal, but PodBean rarely ever goes down.

Will I get access to a free website if I get the Black Friday deal?

Yes, all users get a free website with their subscription.

Can I try PodBean for free?

Yes, you can try PodBean for free, but you will not get access to most features.

Can I use the deal at a later date?

The discount is only applicable during the offer period and cannot be used later.

Is PodBean Black Friday Deal Worth It?

Here’s are a few reasons why I think missing out on the deal is a mistake:

#1 Easy Publishing

You can record, edit, and post podcast episodes using just your phone.

#2 Live Streaming

You can take listener’s calls and answer their instant messages while live streaming with PodBean. You can also invite other creators to the stream as co-hosts.

#3 Social Media Features

In addition to posting about new episodes on social media automatically, you can also use the Mailchimp integration to garner an email list.

#4 Top-Notch Analytics

From tracking your best content to finding the right time to post, PodBean can supply actionable insights that boost growth.

#5 Several Monetization Styles

You don’t have to stick to advertising – you can also create a patron system or sell premium memberships to make money with your podcast.

Final Thoughts about PodBean Black Friday Deal

The robust suite of features makes PodBean the go-to choice for podcasting. No wonder why over 300,000 podcasters already use it over other services!

With the PodBean Black Friday Deal supplying a 50% discount, missing out on the offer is a big mistake.