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SEOPowersuite Black Friday Deal

SEO Powersuite Black Friday

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Are you finding a fair deal for SEO Powersuite Black Friday?

Then you have arrived at the right place.

Today, I will share the SEO Powersuite’s Black Friday 2020 price that you would love. 

You can get your hands on this wonderful SEO tool and rank your website higher in searching result pages.

I often get this question from my students and colleagues about which SEO tool is useful, and I cannot recommend SEO Powersuite enough. 

And I am going to share why it is so.

So, without wasting anymore and, let’s discuss everything you need to know about SEO Powerchute Black Friday Sale 2020.

Brief about SEO Powersuite Black Friday Deal

SEO Powersuite is one of the popular software by Link-Assistant.

SEO Powersuite has been providing an all-in-one software solution to webmasters since 2014.

For all the SEO tasks, SEO Powersuite has got you covered. 

Whether you want to rank keywords, research backlinks, and audit sites, manage link profiles, spy on your competition, SEO Powersuite has got it all.

The tool is useful for everyone, from beginners to advanced webmasters.

Currently, more than 500,000 users across the world are using this tool for their day-to-day activities.

Brands like Audi,, Microsoft, Toshiba, MasterCard, HP, General Electric, and dozens of others trust this tool’s performance for the SEO tasks.

Now let me show you what distinctive features of this toolset it apart in the SEO space. 

What is So Special About This SEO Powersuite Black Friday Deal?

When you search for SEO tools online, you will get a ton of options to choose from.

Whether you want on-page, backlinks, technical, or any other SEO aspect, you will have dozens of options for software, both SaaS and client-based. 

Still, SEO Powersuite’s complete package makes it a unique option. 

Here are its features that make it so unique.

Rank Tracker

This is my personal favorite feature of this versatile SEO software.

Do you know why? 

Because – 

  • it rains Google Yahoo Bing and 327 other search engines
  • You can spy 10 websites’ rankings
  • SEO rankings for images, news, videos, etc.
  • Location-specific SEO rankings
  • Page wise distribution of SEO value
  • Notifies if irrelevant pages are ranked
  • Uses 18 keyword research tools to show keywords

Finding keywords can be challenging, and if you are an experienced SEO practitioner like me, you’d know that different keyword tools show different search volumes. 

So, if you can club all of them together, you get accurate results to make better decisions.

You can create white-label reports that you can send to your clients.

Agencies and consultants invest many hours to create bespoke reporting as per clients’ requirements. 

With this tool, you can create fine-grained reports that not only show accurate but comprehensive data in a PDF, HTML, XLS, or any other format.

SEO Spyglass

Webmasters always keep a keen eye on competitors for inspiration and awareness. 

Competitors’ research helps webmasters plan better SEO campaigns to get better rankings.

Weight SEO Powersuite’s SEO Spyglass feature, you can effectively keep an eye on your competitors’ search engine optimization activities.

By just entering the URL of a website, you can have all your competitors’ data. 

You can have their backlinks data, which you sort and filter on different metrics. 

You also get a penalty risk parameter to identify potentially harmful links for your site. 

You can factor links from more than 50+ link quality factors for an in-depth analysis of the backlink profile. 

I found one metric, Penalty Risk, exciting in SEO Spyglass.

SEO Powersuite calculates Penalty Risk to show how harmful a link is. It uses the same method through which Google assesses a backlink. 

So, that will be a huge benefit to evaluate whether a backlink is passing the SEO benefit or not.

You can schedule a specific date and time when you wish SEO Spyglass to capture all the backlinks data. 

Just set the data, and the tool will do it on autopilot. 

With just a couple of clicks, you can export all your data in CSV, TXT, SQL, HTML, or XML.

WebSite Auditor

Auditing a website can be extremely challenging, especially if your site has thousands of pages or an eCommerce.

Big websites mean you have to look for a few SEO parameters so often that it becomes time-consuming. 

Being a serial affiliate marketer myself, it’s sometimes overwhelming for me to cover all the technical SEO elements all by myself. Therefore, I rely heavily on SEO Powersuite’s WebSite Auditor tool.

Whenever I enter any site, the tool quickly shows everything about its structure. 

From the broken links to HTTPS errors, from HTML and CSS snippets to title and description and other internal linking structures, SEO Powersuite shows everything.

So, I no longer have to use any browser plugin or dedicated tool for site assessment. 

The tool will also evaluate landing pages and recommend where you should add your primary keywords for an improved position in SERPs.

It will calculate the keyword density of your keywords’ existing top 10 results. 

This is a brilliant feature that allows webmasters to optimize their landing pages and go toe-to-toe with the competition without tiresome manual work.


LinkAssistant is another feature that I like in SEO Powersuite.

This feature is everything regarding backlinks. 

I can manage all my backlinks under one dashboard. Whether I have thousands or millions of backlinks, the tool can list-out all of them concerning different KPIs and metrics.

I can search for the backlinks from the search panel. It enables effective browsing and saves a lot of time.

Another helpful feature is the link verification. 

As time goes, backlinks become inactive. 

However, to know that, webmasters have to keep checking the backlinks after some time. 

They have to visit every backlink to verify whether it still exists or not. Again, the whole process is very time-consuming.

But with SEO Powersuite, you can easily verify whether links are still in place. 

You can also verify the anchor texts.

Another crucial feature that I love about this tool is its corresponding email address. 

So, if you have a backlink on a particular blog, the tool will show the site’s corresponding email. Amazing, isn’t it? 

It doesn’t stop here. 

You can easily send a request to change and remove your backlink from the tool itself without shifting to another email service.

Why Should You Buy this SEO Powersuite’s Black Friday offer?

Search Engine Friendly

SEO Powersuite gives you access to almost all the search engines worldwide. 

With this, you can effectively access those search engines which are not accessible to your location. 

Yes, and it’s not illegal. 

With SEO Powersuite,  accessing other search engines is ethical and secure without any censorship. 

This way, you get granular control over designing and executing your campaigns.

Responsive Customer Support

The expert and professional support by SEO Powersuite is available 24×7 to the customers. 

That means, if something goes wrong or if you wish to understand the features of the tool, you can get in touch with the people at SEO Powersuite and get your questions resolved instantaneously.

Software developers often make people wait to solve questions. 

Customers also have to stick to email tickets, which are answered by specific hours of the weekdays. 

All those mediums make people wait. 

But with this tool, you don’t have to wait for anything as far as support is concerned. 

Free Training

Even though the tool is very intuitive and is self-explanatory, if customers require an understanding of how the tool works, they can access the free training that the tool has provided. 

This training will make you understand how the entire tool works. This will save you a lot of time and get the most of the investment that you made in the tool. 


Whether you have Linux, MacOS, or Windows, the tool will work seamlessly on all the leading computer operating systems. 

Moreover, you don’t need to use this tool through a browser. They have their client-side software that you have to install after purchasing the license.


Does SEO Powersuite give a trial period?

No, it doesn’t. 
They don’t have a trial version that you can leverage to optimize your website’s SEO. 
But they do have a free version that is perfectly suitable for small websites and webmasters who want to experience the tool before making the purchasing decision.

How is it unique compared to Ahrefs?

Well, I have been asked this many times. 
Ahrefs is undoubtedly a great tool when it comes to backlink analysis. But when it comes to SEO Powersuite, you not only get a reliable feature for backlinks but get another bundle of trustworthy features.

Can I create white-label reports per feature?

Yes. SEO Powersuite allows you to edit reports and give your custom look-and-feel. 
Whether it is for keywords, backlinks, site monitoring, you can create the best reports and send them to your clients.

What are the prices and plans of SEO Powersuite? 

Free SEO PowerSuite – $0

SEO PowerSuite Professional – $299/year

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise – $699/year


You can check out the detailed pricing here.

How much will I save with the SEO Powersuite’s Black Friday?

70% discount this black friday.

SEO Powersuite’s Black Friday Conclusion

Do let me know what you think about this tool.

I hope you found this article helpful and can’t decide whether you want to go with it.

This is a Black Friday Deal, and you would be already aware that these deals don’t last for a long time. 

So, make sure to grab this offer before it’s gone and optimize your website for better rankings and more sales.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.