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ThinkiFic Black Friday Deal

ThinkiFic Back Friday Deal 2020

Thinkific Pro + Growth in $396

  • Start Date: To be announced
  • End Date: To be announced
  • Discount: To be announced

COVID 19 does not seem to be going away any soon. Well, neither are online courses! So, if you’re looking for a platform that can help you learn and enroll as an expert, look no further. Yes! We are talking about the new trendsetter in the online education industry, ThinkiFic!

We understand how critical it is for a lot of people to get the right set of knowledge. We also understand that creating courses is a tough job, both mentally and technically! And that’s why we’ve dedicated this article to talk about a platform that creates wonders by helping the right experts meet the yearning students!

This article will also help you understand the perks that ThinkiFic Black Friday Deal 2020 offers. However, before moving on to the fun part, we’d like to present a fully unbiased review of the platform. That’ll help you to figure out if it is at all worthy of your money and time!

Why Are We So Mesmerized By ThinkiFic?

ThinkiFic promises the best support and easy to build courses. This helps you to focus on what is most important, that is, your course material. In simple words, it takes care of all the technicalities so you can teach better.

It is pretty much your one-stop solution for creating and selling courses online. It enables you to create beautiful websites that get discovered by the right kind of students.

It also comes with an advanced marketing tool that helps to position your website among the top SERPs. Anyway, here are some of the most promising features of ThinkiFic: –

ThinkiFic Makes Course Creation Seem Like Child’s Play

ThinkiFic enables you to create your course through any available content. It gives you the option to fetch your content in the form of audio, video, HTML, text, surveys, slides, and more. It even supports the content hosted on third party platforms like Google Forms, Typeform, and more. You can simply import your existing content on their platform using their famed drag and drop course builder.

In case you do not have any content to import, you can build new content using their built-on content building tools. The best part is that you build your content through text, HTML, video, audios, presentations, and any other format that suits you.

ThinkiFic also provides an integrated hosting. So, you do not have to rely on third-party hosts anymore. Lastly, you get to retain the ownership of all the courses you build, host, and market using ThinkiFic. This is, by far, the best feature they have. Simply speaking, you’ll be amazed at how your course ends up looking at ThinkiFic!

ThinkiFic Enables You To Market Your Courses Easily

ThinkiFic allows you to create your very own membership websites. These websites can be used to promote and distribute subscription plans to your exclusive resources and the courses. In short, you get to sell off retainer plans to your students in addition to one-time course purchases!

This platform is apt for creating trial lessons or courses. In turn, these trial lessons empower your website to attract even more customers (leads) with an added chance at getting better conversions. Moreover, you can add your custom Javas Script to the websites. This can be of great help in tracking the behavior of the visitors.

The websites you create using ThinkiFic can be integrated with Pixel code, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, and other social ads. Doing this enables you to keep track of visitors, orders, and conversions. It even allows you to retargeting ads for your potential customers!

Lastly, you can set up your Stripe account in a matter of a few minutes. Doing this allows you to fetch a safe and customer-friendly checkout option that is valid across 130 countries. And, in countries that do not have Strop, you can always opt for PayPal accounts!

ThinkiFic Black Friday 2020 Deal Plans & Pricing

We want to tell you about ThinkiFic Black Friday Deal 2020. However, before doing that, we’d prefer to tell you about the usual plans they have in store for their customers. Speaking of which, they typically offer four distinct plans for you to choose from: –

#1 Free: ThinkiFic does not charge even a single penny for this plan. They call it a test-drive for their prospects. Anyway, this plan allows you to create up to three courses with complete hosting services. You can even add custom surveys and quizzes within each of these courses for free. These courses can be sold to innumerable students without any restrictions on sales quantity. Plus, you can get immediate access to all the funds you procure by selling the three courses!

#2 Basic: This plan comes at the cost of $49 per month. It allows you to get all the perks included in the Free plan. However, it does not bind you to the same sort of confinement as in the Free plan. On the contrary, it allows you to create unlimited courses. And, you can even choose the domain of your choice for this purpose!

You can even choose to select the students in your course manually. Moreover, you’re allowed to create a drip campaign with the help of this plan. However, you’re only allowed to email one student at a time. That being said, you get integrations like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and AWeber along with this plan.

This plan also includes Zapier triggers that enable you to send your ThinkiFic data to other tools. And, lastly, this plan grants you specific coupons that empower your courses through promotions!

#3 Pro Plan: This particular plan includes everything offered within the Basic plan. However, that’s not the end. It enables advanced customization to your website, including altering the themes, HTML/CSS codes, and creating new members’ pages at your discretion. It also allows you to create up to 2 site admin accounts and five-course authors. You can even mark your courses as private or hidden with the help of this plan. Plus, advanced course pricing options enables you to create flexible pricing options for the same courses.

It also comes with an exciting feature that enables you to bundle multiple courses as one. This basic tactic allows you to sell off a lot more. Moreover, the certification provision allowed within this course also acts as a great student attraction! It’s available for $99 per month.

#4 Premier Plan: This is the ultimate arrow in the arsenal of ThiniFic. This comes with all the Pro plan perks and the allowance for creating up to 5 site admins and 15 group analysts. You can even create up to fifty course admins along with this plan.

However, the best part about this plan is the onboarding package it comes with. This grants the buyers an exclusive 30 minutes onboarding call and some online training package. This one is charged at $499 per month.

You can avail all the three plans at a 20% discounted price each. All you need to do for this is to pay an upfront annual fee for them! You can fetch all the details here.

How Does ThinkiFic Black Friday 2020 Deal Turn Out Profitable?

ThinkiFic Black Friday Sale 2020 is planned to occur between 29th November and 2nd December 2020. This allows you to have a slot of four days to ensure your purchase.

And, this is how you’ll be charged during the Black Friday Sale 2020 for ThinkiFic: –

Free Plan$00.00/month$00.00/month
Basic Plan$49.00/month$39.00/month
Pro Plan$99.00/month$79.00/month
Premier Plan$499.75/month$399.000/month

How To Activate ThinkiFic Black Friday Deal 2020?

Doing this is rather simple. The deal is activated automatically every time you select to pay for the platform annually!

FAQs About ThinkiFic Black Friday Deal 2020

Is The Free Plan Only Available For A Particular Time?

No! It is an original plan, and it’s available to the buyers for free of cost. It does not stop acting until the user wants it to!

Is ThinkiFic Any Kind Of LMS?

Yes, it is an LMS. However, it has a lot more to offer than any average LMS!

Should I Know How To Code Before I Use ThinkiFic?

No, you do not need any formal training in coding to use ThinkiFic. You can use the platform’s drag and drop features to create beautiful and functional websites!

Does ThinkiFic Claim Any Ownership Of The Courses Its Customers Create?

No! ThinkiFic believes in empowering the course creators. So, it always lets the course owners claim 100% ownership!

Can I Access ThinkiFic Through Any Mobile App?

No, ThinkiFic does not have a dedicated mobile app as of now. However, their websites are responsive and support the mobile view.

Is ThinkiFic Black Friday Deal 2020 Worth Spending On?

2020 Black Friday Deal for ThinkiFic is just terrific. And, even without it, ThinkiFic still makes one of the best LMS platforms in the world. It has a great support system in place, as well. So, we believe it is worthy of course creators!

Our Thoughts On ThinkiFic Black Friday Deal 2020

We’re a fan of the entire deal. It gets you to access to one of the best available LMS platforms with a 20% flat discount. We do not believe that anyone can even think of seeking anything better!