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WP-Rocket Black Friday Sale

30% Discount

  • Single license – 1 website: $34,30 instead of $49
  • Plus license – 3 websites: $69,30 instead of $99
  • Infinite license – unlimited websites: $174,30 instead of $249

Are you looking to save massively on WP Rocket? When you have arrived at the right place.

By the time you complete this post, you will not only have a coupon code that will let you save a ton of money on WP Rocket but also have reasons as to why you should purchase this tool right away.

We all struggle on making our websites faster. Because let’s accept it — In this fast-paced world, nobody likes to wait. Even if your prospect comes to the landing page and if he or she has to wait to access the content, it creates a negative brand image.

The slow loading speed can also impact your search engine rankings because loading speed is one of the core factors of search engine algorithms. 

In fact, slow loading speed can increase abandon cart and decrease conversions too.

Therefore, you have to find a way to make your landing pages load quickly so that your site is more accessible to targeted customers.

Because if users cannot access your website easily, then how can you expect them to trust your brands let alone become your lifelong customer by purchasing your stuff.

Therefore, you should use WP Rocket, which is recognized as the most powerful caching plugin by WordPress expert.

Let’s have a brief overview about what is so special about this Black Friday deal 2020.

What is so special about WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2020?

At such a low price, you will have some of the best and most essential features of this plugin to make your site faster and dependable. 

Let’s understand what some of those features are. 

Excellent Caching Mechanism

Every website should have a caching mechanism in place to ensure your best performance. 

Caching improves the website’s loading speed without compromising the websites’ functioning at all.

With caching, all whenever somebody asks for a web page, it will be already cached at the server-side, so users get immediately served.

WP Rocket understands the power of caching and has excellent features for the same.

Whenever you turn on WP Rocket on your WordPress site, the page caching is automatically activated, and your website will start caching on the server-side.

You don’t have to do any programming or tweak anything within cPanel to apply changes. 

The caching will be automatically done from within your WordPress dashboard.

WP Rocket stores the static content on your site like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML inside the browser itself, so whenever the visitor visits another page, static content does not need to be loaded again.

You also get cache preloading to ensure better performance for your visitors. So, whenever the existing cache expires, another one is already scheduled so that users will always have the updated version of the page loaded quickly and efficiently.

E-commerce Friendly

E-commerce sites would love WP Rocket. Because these sites regularly update their content, and therefore, they need a robust caching mechanism that is always available to serve the customers.

The caching mechanism has to be very agile so as soon as a site gets updated, the cache is updated too.

Especially in e-commerce sites caching features will minify the waiting time and increase the engagement time so that they can understand the product better. 

Such user experience will build credibility for your store and likely to acquire more conversions online.

WP Rocket does not cache cart and checkout pages. 

It supports leading platforms like WooCommerce, Jigoshop, iTheme Exchange or WP Shop. 

Such user experience will build credibility for your store and likely to acquire more conversions online.

Multilingual Support

WP Rocket also covers translator plugins.

Usually, when you are using a language converter on your website to translate your content, those converter plugins impact on the loading speed. 

Since WP Rocket supports language converter plugins, that means the translated content is automatically cached so users from remote geographical locations can read your site’s content in their local language without waiting much for the site to get translated. 

This is a brilliant feature for user experience perspective. 

Lazy loading and CDN

People often read the first few paragraphs of the site and leave because they are not warm prospects. 

But the website has to load everything whenever someone visits the page. Even if users don’t read further the resources at server end are anyway invested into loading the content.

It increases the server load, but the user did not even scroll down to read for the content.

For this, WP Rocket supports lazy loading. 

Lazy loading is a phenomenon that loads the images and media as the user scrolls down the page. That means the page’s static content is loaded automatically except the pictures below the fold.

So, users can start reading the content as the other resources are loaded in the meantime. 

WP Rocket also comes with content delivery networks.

What a CDN does is it makes your content accessible to remote locations. 

The loading speed of your site depends on the distance between the locations of the server and the visitor.

WP Rocket is using MaxCDN to ensure better performance and quick loading speed.

DNS Prefetching 

Whenever a user clicks on a website, the server asks for the Domain Name System, which is the IP address resolution that the server has to make to load the site at the user’s end.

Now, DNS prefetching will automatically resolve the website IP address before the user clicks on its link. 

This will save a lot of time and decrease the loading time.

WP Rocket gives you DNS prefetching to improve the loading speed.

Developer Friendly 

WP Rocket is developer-friendly. 

They have used the standardized WordPress development process while developing the plugin. 

The clean source code files are easily comprehensible to any wordpress developer who can easily make amendments in the source code file as per the requirements. 

This way, developers can get the best out of the plugin.

What are the Benefits of This WP Rocket Black Friday Deal?

Best Investment for Your Site

Website management is not an easy task, significantly if your site is frequently updated and continuously searched. 

If your site is an established brand, it should give concurrent and effective user experience to everyone.

Loading speed, as I have already shared, is the most challenging aspect that you will come across while managing the site. 

And that includes hiring developers and keep monitoring your site to know everything is working fine.

With WP Rocket on board, you don’t have to take care of such things. Your site will be cached and served the way it is to everyone on the web.

Peace of Mind 

WP Rocket solves multiple things for you. 

You get caching, CDN, Cloudflare compatibility, lazy loading, all of them with the plugin. 

So you don’t have to purchase or subscribe to any other plugins to maintain the performance of your WordPress website.

Efficient Rendering 

Browsers render a website to understand the basic layout and structure and how it’s developed.

For every click lead to your site the server has to render JavaScript and stylesheets to understand the look and feel and animation on the page.

This rendering increases the server load, which will result in slow loading speed of the site. 

WP Rocket loads JavaScript after the rendering is completed; that’s a smart way to render pages and improve loading time.

High-quality Support 

Whenever you are stuck at some point, the support of the WP Rocket is always there to guide you. 

They have 24/7 live chat support. 

You get to talk with professionals who are skilled enough for any technical, pricing and UI/UX related queries regarding WP Rocket. 

WP-Rocket Black Friday Sale

30% Discount

  • Single license – 1 website: $34,30 instead of $49
  • Plus license – 3 websites: $69,30 instead of $99
  • Infinite license – unlimited websites: $174,30 instead of $249


For whom WP Rocket is ideal?

Anyone who owns a WordPress site.

What are the minimum requirements to have the WP Rocket?

Make sure you have PHP 5.6 on your site.

Does the license automatically?


Can I use this plugin on my client sites?


How much coding knowledge do I need to use WP Rocket?


What is the pricing of this tool?

They have three packages – Single, Plus and Infinite. 

Do they have a refund policy? 

You get 14-days money-back guarantee. 

How much can I save through this deal?

Up to 30%.

Conclusion: is WP Rocket Black Friday Offer 2020 worth it?

I am sure that this question is now answered if you have read this article completely. 

Since the quality and robustness you get to enhance the performance of your site through WP Rocket is unlike no other, the plugin is indeed a no-brainer.

If you want to try, purchase their license and utilize their 14-day money-back guarantee. 

I am sure that you will experience significant improvement in your performance. And if you are not satisfied, you can claim a refund. 

Let me know what you think about the WP Rocket Black Friday deal 2020 in the comments below. I am excited to hear your views.