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WPAstra Black Friday Deal

WPAstra Black Friday Deal

40% Discount

  • ASTRA PRO – $174

Are you finding a good deal to purchase the WPAstra WordPress theme for your website?

Then, keep reading. 

Because today I’ve got WPAstra Black Friday Deal 2020 for you so that you can purchase this theme at a discounted price and give your site a new life.

We all want our website to stand out from the crowd. 

Plus, we expect visitors to engage visitors with our content and keep coming back to our site.

There are dozens of articles, guides, and videos available online to create beautiful websites for your business.

WPAstra does precisely that. It can provide you with that aesthetics to give great UX to your visitors. 

They say a good website speaks for itself. 

With WPAstra, you can create stunning websites that can help you make your business more credible and approachable.

With that being said, let’s have a brief overview of this WPAstra Black Friday Offer 2020.

WPAstra Black Friday Deal

Brief about WPAstra 2020 Black Friday Deal 2020

With my WPAstra Black Friday Deal 2020, you can save up to 70% of this theme’s actual cost. 

If you know about WPAstra, then you would know that it is a no-brainer deal.

Its features can take your customers to a buyer’s journey where retaining those customers will be easy for you.

1,000,000 users around the world love WPAstra. 

It is trusted by companies like CodeinWP, Hireology, Liquid Web, Traveller, Rivogram WP Elevation, Cloudways, and UTSA.

WPAstra is created by a company called Brainstorm Force. 

It was founded in 2009, and ever since its inception, its product has powered more than 2 million websites around the world.

I like the meaning of the name. In Hindi, Sanskrit, and Marathi, Astra means weapon, and in Greek, it means star. These meanings clearly define what WPAstra is.

What is so special about WPAstra Black Friday Deal 2020?

The real reason lies in answer to this question. 

What is so special about this WPAstra Black Friday Deal that I am asking you to purchase it at all costs?

You can have access to this excellent WordPress theme 70% discount on their lifetime deal. And this line itself makes this deal a no-brainer.

If you don’t know the power of WPAstra, let me walk you through some of its benefits that I love so much.

Superior Performance

I’m an affiliate marketer, and I always focus on a site’s performance as it impacts the SEO rankings and overall usability of the site. 

WPAstra nails the performance.

Every site’s performance is dependent on how it is made. Because then it boils down to how easy browsers comprehend it and how quickly it can load.

WPAstra’s developers have discarded all those elements that can hamper the performance of the site.

WPAstra does not utilize jQuery. It has the Vanilla JavaScript that prevents render-blocking jQuery so that customers can instantly access the site.

WPAstra’s developers have used industry standards while writing programs of this theme.

WPAstra claims that their website loads in just half a second, considering all the things are optimized and in place, which is a phenomenal metric because the loading speed determines SEO rankings, bounce rate, and session time.

WPAstra Black Friday Deal 2020

Custom-design Everything

When it comes to designing, custom or premade, WPAstra has nailed both. 

Everyone can become a decent web designer by using WPAstra.

You can transform your imaginations into responsive landing pages by designing them through WPAstra.

They have a ton of varieties for the ‘headers’ section only. 

  • You can have customized headers, blogs, single pages, posts, etc. 
  • They also give transparent and sticky headers. 
  • Giving a custom header to a specific page is possible. 
  • Have different headers on mobile and desktop — check. 
  • Megamenu is also available.

You can tweak the colors and typography to have a custom look and feel. 

Now, imagine such granular control over designing other elements — footer, slider, sidebar, blogs, etc. — as well. 

Various Site Layouts

You need to know programming to implement different site layouts on your site. 

WPAstra understands that different websites have different site layouts requirements, and therefore, they have given specific site layouts by default. 

You have to select any one of them, preview it, and publish it if you like it. Easy peasy!

Depending on your requirement, you get the below options.

  • Boxed
  • Full-width
  • Padded
  • Fluid layout
  • Default container

Even after selecting a layout, if you don’t like the spacings between the elements, you can still manage it by tweaking margins and paddings.

Give Your Site a Unique Appeal

Typography is an essential element of a site. The type of font and typography you choose, the type of vibe you create on your page.

If you have the custom fonts that you use in brochures, banners, or other mainstream marketing channels, and want to maintain concurrency digitally as well, then WPAstra can do that.

You can upload your custom fonts on the site.

They give 700+ Google fonts that you can choose and implement on your site. 

Depending on the device that your visitors are using, you can set the size of the text. This will make your UI uncluttered and dynamic. This is just the topography and font. 

You get the same level of granularity in tweaking backgrounds, color schemes, and creatives. 

WooCommerce support

If you have an online store on WooCommerce, you can harness the power of WPAstra for designing and developing that store. 

You get different styles and orientations to showcase your products on site.

They have an off-canvas sidebar that remains hidden unless someone clicks a specific button or a link.

Enable interactive effects like a quick view to allow customers to take a closer look at the products without opening each of them separately. 

You can display your collection in different ways to showcase their beauty and reliability to customers.

You can customize the pages, followed by the product page. 

Checkout, cart, upsells, and confirmation pages are all customizable with WPAstra. 

Robust structure

WPAstra supports schema markup and SEO optimizations. 

If you understand search engine optimization and know how everything is connected and what you would be aware of schema markups.

Not only visitors but also search engines can understand your content more effectively and, therefore, rank accordingly. 

The entire programming of WPAstra is SEO-friendly; that means the website structure you get along with the theme structure will help you get more recognition in the SERPs.

Why should you purchase WPAstra Black Friday Deal 2020?

Multipurpose Theme

WPAstra takes care of every angle of a website.

It is compatible with almost all the sites. 

Whether you have a blog, online course, single product, e-commerce, subscription-based product, or even a digital marketing agency site, the theme would work on all the scenarios.

Learners and online courses get LifterLMS and LearnDash so that creators can build attractive and comprehensive online courses for the students. 

You get several starter themes that you can implement right away. 

And depending upon the plan you choose, you get readymade templates too.

Fast loading time

Loading time is crucial because it impacts the user experience and eventually hampers your search engine rankings. 

If you are new to website and SEO landscapes, then consider that page speed is one of the crucial factors of rankings.

Anyway, WPAstra understands this, and therefore, they have been enabled faster loading speed and optimized source code so that users don’t your site visitors don’t have to wait while requesting a landing page.

Excellent user experience 

User experience matters very much behind the success of a website. 

If the user experience is excellent, the user will remember your site and keep coming back whenever they want to read the content that you are offering.

User experience results in ever-lasting thought leadership and dynamic appeal in your targeted niche.

No Need to Have Developer All The Time

Whether it is typography, user interface, color schemes, or site layouts, WPAstra gives you complete control.

You can tweak almost anything and everything without the need of a developer.

Even if you are not a technical person and haven’t worked with HTML or CSS, you can still create a custom layout and attractive site using WPAstra.

Fantastic Compatibility With Other Tools

WPAstar works with other leading tools of the market. Like: 

  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • WooCommerce
  • LearnDash
  • Toolset
  • Yoast

WPAstra Black Friday Deal FAQs

Why is WPAstra better than others?

The level of customizations and user-friendliness WPAstra provides is second to one, at least to me. 

Plus, it has excellent performance and website structure that gives excellent browsing experience to visitors. 

It works on all the sites. So, you can use it on any of your clients’ sites.

Do they have a refund policy?

They give you a 14-days money-back guarantee. 

So, if you purchase a plan and are not satisfied with the features and usability of WPAstra, you can claim your money back.

Can I try WPAstra before purchasing?

You can download the free version and try the theme. 

If I don’t renew my plan, would my website stop working?

No, your website won’t break down if you choose not to upgrade your plan. 

You would still be able to use the premium features. However, you won’t receive any further updates of the theme.

Can I upgrade my license from annual to lifetime?

Yes. You will get a chance to upgrade your license at a prorated rate by visiting the Upgrades page within your account section.

Do they provide readymade templates?

Yes. They have readymade templates available for their customers.

What is the pricing?

WPAstra comes with two pricing structures, annual and lifetime.

I’d recommend having lifetime access. 


I, too, have the lifetime license and trust me, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. 

The annual plan is good too if it suffices your requirements.

Once you purchase the subscription, you also get a SkillJet Academy’s course. 

It teaches you how to build an online business, marketing funnels, and retain clients.

WPAstra Black Friday Deal Conclusion

Do let me know what you think about the WPAstra theme in the comments below.

Make sure you avail this WPAstra Black Friday Offer 2020 before it gets expired. You can never save 70% of the actual amount on the product like this. 

If you have questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.